29 July 2007

Two Ways to Rest

Last weekend I headed to the woods with 7 other good friends for a weekend retreat. Maria had organized a large contingency of the girls of the Affirmation Group to go to a friend's family's weekend home several miles outside Louisville. We met and carpooled together on Friday night to the Hyde's wonderful "Hyde-away," which we were all ready to take over the minute we saw the place. We had a great time, staying up until after 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, playing games and talking, eating, talking, talking, eating.

Most of us didn't sleep in as much as we would have liked (Thanks, again, Corrie for the kitchen work early Saturday morning!)! :-) Of course, Gina was the exception, since she slept until well after noon. We lounged all day on the deck, enjoying the wonderful weather and peaceful locale. We had a few devotions, a few games, lots and lots more food, and plenty of laughs. While I drove back to Louisville and my home late Saturday night, it was a wonderful way to rest and relax with women who mean so much to me. Thanks, ladies!

This weekend has been nice, too, because everything that I've done has been at my own time and my own place. Other than going out with Scott at some point (which happened today), and going to church tomorrow, the rest I've made up as I went along. It's been nice to relax around the house, hanging out with Lisa some. And I'm looking forward to a scheduled brunch tomorrow after church, and then some shopping.

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