16 March 2010


Psych, originally uploaded by kyredbutterfly.

So I bought the condo in August. It took me awhile to get my paperwork in order, but I filed for my first time homebuyer's tax credit on October 6th. I turned in everything the IRS asked for. And sighed when I read that it could take up to fourteen weeks to get my refund. Fourteen weeks doesn't sound long, but that's three and a half months. When you're spending money on a new place, that's more than long enough.

So I waited. And right on cue, the second week of February I got a large packet from the IRS in the mail. Sadly, not a check. Instead, a slew of additional paperwork that they now require. Apparently these additional documents are supposed to prevent fraud. Sigh.

So after a week of pouting I sent in the additional paperwork. And the next day some disgruntled man flew a plane into the building in Austin, Texas where EVERY SINGLE first time homebuyer's tax credit in the country is being processed. Now, this was a tragedy for those federal workers who were injured, and I felt for them. But I have to admit, my next thought was that I was probably never going to see that tax credit. At least, not before I got my tax return for last year's taxes.

All of this means I was pretty psyched when I saw this thin envelope from the IRS in the mail yesterday. Finally, my check! I was amazed that they were still processing claims this well, given what had happened, but I was excited.

I was wrong. No check. Just a confirmation letter, telling me they received my "correspondence." And really, I appreciate that, because with all that happened, I'm sure I was one of thousands who wondered if their paperwork was destroyed. So I understand why they sent the letter. And in it they tell me that I should receive a reply in the next 30 days. Of course, it was three weeks between when they got my documents and when they issued the reply letter.

If all goes "well," I should get my tax credit six months after I filed for it.

And so the wait goes on.