18 May 2010

Psych, Part II

So much more to be said, but let me update my last entry. After receiving yet another letter providing a later date for a decision to be made about the second batch of documentation provided to the IRS, and then receiving a letter telling me that they have determined that my documentation is sufficient and a check will be forthcoming in 6 to 8 weeks (which would have put me into early July), I was blown away yesterday to actually receive and honest-to-goodness check from the IRS with my first time homebuyer's tax credit inside. With interest. Who knew that the IRS paid interest? Not me, but I'm not questioning it!

I deposited the check first thing this morning. Now for paying off the credit card on which I put my dining room furniture purchases last fall when I presumed a check would be in the mail any week now (ha!), and for finally putting shelves up in my master bedroom closet. I'm so excited to get that organized!