10 July 2007

They're "in" but they're "out."

You know it's bad when you get onto the elevator in the capitol building and someone who works for the same agency you do, and even works in the director's office, asks "So is the legislature still in session?" Last night I got my wish, sort of. The Governor finally announced around 8 p.m. last night that he was adjourning the special session until July 30 for a cooling off period. Apparently he's hoping to come to some sort of agreement between now and then and jump-start the session again at the end of the month. But the Senate didn't sine die like the House did last week, so we're all a little confused - still - about what is really going on.

Regardless of whether or not the legislature is in session (Apparently they are, technically, because there are reports that they are still going to be paid. And other reports saying the legislators will refuse or refund their pay. Who knows.), my wish as stated in my last blog was that the legislature wouldn't be actually gavelling in on Thursday, Friday, or next Monday or Tuesday, because I didn't want Kat to have to sit in my office with me the whole time she's visiting. Now that won't be a problem! Yea! We'll probably stop off in Frankfort for lunch on our way to do a bourbon tasting at the Woodford Reserve distillery sometime this week, but that's as close as we'll get to my office!

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Jason Falls said...

"Cooling off period" -- i.e., go think like a Republican for a couple days, come back and do as I command, hilljacks.