31 July 2007

TB or not TB, that is the question!

Kudos to Lisa for coming up with the title of this blog. I give her all the punny credit she deserves!

Yep, I received a notice from my physical therapist's office in the mail over the weekend that I'd been exposed to tuberculosis and needed to go get tested. Now, if this notice had come a year ago, I have to admit I probably would have blown it off. But after the furor earlier this year when a man who had tested positive flew internationally, I must admit I decided to go today and get the shot and will go back on Thursday so my doctor's office can read the test to see if I'm positive for TB. I certainly hope not, because I'm set to fly to Boston on Sunday for a conference4!

Not to mention the horror of trying to think about all the places I've been over the past several days (and possibly weeks).

Scott was notified through work yesterday that he, too, has been exposed. Not surprising that it's all over Frankfort, at the very least, and probably Louisville and Lexington, too, given how many state workers commute.

I'm just thankful that so far I haven't been shunned from the community as an unclean leper!


erica said...

Not TB, as it turned out. Which is good, since I've already missed one planned trip this year, and have been looking forward to being back in Boston after my "sneak peek" in May when I was there with the the Cape Cod Crew!

KnittyChicka said...

thank goodness - so, on for Boston still? how goes it? Can I come back to KY - I miss ya!!