28 July 2007

It's about time...

I guess I'm ready to move on. Or at least, I know it's time to move on, even if I'm not really ready for it. Kat left to go home a week and a half ago. But I'm still grumpy about it and keep thinking any moment I can call her up and suggest we meet at Heine Bros. Coffee (yep, that's their real last name they used, pronounced like a synonym for your bum). SIGH...so needless to say, I'm still in mourning, but I know I have to accept the fact that it will be awhile before we get together for coffee again.

I had a great time with her, from the first moment to the last. We took it easy the first day she was there because Kat had taken the red-eye across the country and had had a stressful few days before that. We met Scott for lunch at the Bristol and enjoyed the unseasonably good weather by sitting outside on the patio. The led to Scott and I sharing our "urban chic" story of the first time we'd sat outside at the Bristol and got more of a show than we bargained for. That evening Kat and I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie and critiqued what we liked and disliked about it. Overall, we both gave it thumbs up!

On Friday Kat and I drove to Frankfort and met some of my work friends for lunch at the Glenn Willis tea room, again eating outside on the back porch, which overlooks the Kentucky River. I was glad Kat got to meet the women from work that she hears about so much, and vice versa. Then we moseyed down the road to Woodford Reserve Distillery and took their tour. For the first time I actually go to see them in production, including sending barrels down the barrel run. We ended the tour with a small tasting and a healthy sampling of the bourbon balls they provide. Yum! On the way out we drove past several horse farms and got some great pictures of a mare and her colt standing next to the fence. Very sweet! That night we dined at one of my favorite Louisville restaurants, Napa River Grill. Despite all the good food, we felt compelled to stop at the Homemade Pie and Ice Cream Kitchen on our way home!

Saturday, once we both woke up (which was way late in the morning) we hit Heine Bros. again and then did some window shopping along Frankfort Avenue, which Kat compared to Portland's North Mississippi area. Funky shops, funky restaurants, lots of people enjoying the beautiful weather. Since Kat and I hadn't really eaten a proper meal, we headed to a local Indian restaurant and had lots of yummy food before heading back to my place and watching movies. Kat talked me into watching the most recent version of "Pride and Prejudice" (with Keira Knightley). It still doesn't top my beloved A&E version, but it was pretty good.

On Sunday Mom picked Kat and I up, then we stopped to get our friend Linda Pursell, and we all headed to Lynn's Paradise Cafe for brunch. Yummy!!! Lynn's is still *the* funky place to have a hearty breakfast in Louisville. Kat and I then hit the local yarn shop, the Knit Knook, along with the Swanson Reed Gallery along Bardstown Road, our version of Hawthorne Street. The rain showers that started put us into a bit of a funk, so we headed home early and watched TV and ate bad-for-us food. A fun, relaxing day!

We treated ourselves to pedicures on Monday, along with yummy sandwiches at the Lotsa Pasta grocery store/deli. As I had promised, Kat and I checked out the 4th Street Live! complex downtown, including having a Bourbon Ball Martini at the Maker's Mark Lounge. Those martinis are scary good! Thankfully, one was more than plenty. Then we met Scott for a quick dinner at the Tumbleweed restaurant that overlooks the Ohio River. It's a very popular spot these days, with the great views of the city and river and the blessed breezes that you can only find next to the Ohio River.

Tuesday was the last day we had together, as I had to take Kat to the airport that evening and say goodbye. We definitely made the most of it, that's for sure. Unlike the other days when we were lazy in the mornings and relaxed whenever we were tired, we packed the fun in on Tuesday. Although we'd hit a spot here and there on Bardstown Road, I kept promising that we'd do some window shopping there, and Tuesday was the day. We ate lunch at Ditto's, hit Kizito for a cookie dessert, fell in love with the Edenside Gallery's offerings, and hit plenty of other shops. We worked up such a sweat that we stopped for ice cream before going home. Before packing up, Kat showed me some way cool things to add onto my blog. Unfortunately we couldn't get the Library thing to work, but she did show me the whole picture thing, as seen in the last post.

It really sucked to have to hug Kat goodbye at the airport. When she called to say she was worried that she hadn't checked in early enough for her delayed flight, I was almost glad for the opportunity to go back and pick her up! Unfortunately, she was able to get her bags packed and eventually made it back to Portland. Too bad! I wads really getting used to having her around.

So, Josh, what do you think about Derby 2008????? I'd love an excuse to host both of you again, soon!

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KnittyChicka said...

we're on for derby 08 - we need to come up with a code name for the trip. And, as you can see from my lame blogging, I can't even bring myself to blog about my trip. It was too great, and it makes me crabby all over again that 1) it wasn't longer, 2) that there are so many dang states between OR and KY, and 3) back to I want to visit Erica again, sooner than the first weekend in May 08 . . but I better start planning my hat . . .