28 June 2007

Summer Doldrums

It's not that I haven't thought about blogging in the past week and a half. It's just that nothing really sparked my interest to talk about. Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty going on...besides work and physical therapy (which seems to be taking up more and more time!). It's just that no one thing inspired an entire post. So this will be a grab-bag of comments.

Last Saturday I had lunch with 3 ladies from my former church. As a group, we ranged in ages from 80-something to me, the youngest, at 34. Missing was an even older woman who is currently sick and rather frail. It was wonderful to see them again, as we had originally gotten to know each other very well by doing a series of small group studies about 2 years ago. I facilitated those studies, and it was so gratifying to share experiences across different ages and life experiences. All in all we spent every Thursday night together for about a year, not counting the "breaks" we took between studies. After we finished having lunch we all went to visit the other member who couldn't get out of the house to join us. It was a special afternoon, and they are special women I will always cherish.

Last Thursday Lisa and I went to see "Hello Dolly" at the Iroquois Amphitheater. The show was one of the productions put on by Music Theater Louisville. Even though I've seen the musical on larger stages (with Carol Channing in her final run), MTL did a fabulous job. As always, I was impressed with the quality of the performers, the costumes, choreography, and staging. But there was one staging distraction...all throughout the first act there was a door that actors were supposed to go through multiple times, and it kept sticking! I'm not sure how many of the "blue hairs" around us noticed this, but Lisa and I were giggling mightily as the actors would yank and yank on the door, and then try to slide through the very small gap provided once they were able to get the door to open at all. It was fixed by the second act, but by that time the door wasn't nearly as central to the staging!

Yesterday I took the day off of work so that Scott and I could spend a little more time together. He's now working Fridays through Tuesdays, and our conflicting schedules mean that most weeks we get together for a couple of quick dinners and that's it. We went to the Frazier International History Museum and enjoyed delving into history, especially the history or armor and weaponry. I never thought I'd really enjoy the museum, but Scott and I went there shortly after we started dating, and it's fascinating. It was fun to go back. As always, Scott's knowledge of history amazes me. After a quick stop for ice cream, because it's awfully hot and muggy in Louisville these days, we headed back to my house. Scott wasn't planning on staying, but then he decided to help me out by putting together an etarge' I'd purchased at Target several weeks ago. He kindly admitted that even I could have probably gotten it together, but there's no way I could have lifted it on my own! Thanks, Hon!

Well, that brings you up to date. Today's my friend Stephen's birthday, so I need to send him an email wishing him an enjoyable day.

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