08 June 2007

Highlights and Lowlights

It's been a pretty quiet week, despite my birthday celebrations. Mostly that's because I haven't felt great since Wednesday. I think I've finally narrowed it down to one of the medications I'm supposed to be taking. Physical therapy has been good so far. And if I get my appetite back, I'll be a happy camper.

I did have a great birthday, despite everything. Scott and I went out on Tuesday night (his "Friday" since he has Wed. and Thurs. off work) and celebrated with a dinner. He bought me this beautiful brown felt hat with black piping. The brown is a reddish-brown, so it looks great with my hair and skin. Of course, it's a winter hat, so I won't be wearing it just yet, but it definitely gives me a reason to look forward to those cold days to come. He also found this great old hat box from a milliner in Lexington. He did very well!

My upset stomach blew my Mom's plans for an impromptu surprise party on Wednesday night at my small group's gathering. She had brought little cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches for us to have as we started our next study, but alas, I wasn't there! She kindly saved me a few of each, and brought those along with my gifts over to my house. Mom was very generous, giving me an iPod, 3 DVDs, and a Best Buy gift card! I can't wait to hook up the new wireless router Lisa and I are going to get and test all my new toys.

My friends at work have spread my birthday out a bit. I was taken out to lunch on Tuesday, had a birthday breakfast on Thursday, and on Wednesday Judy brought me a beautiful linen jacket and a mesmerizing abalone ring. I have the best boss, and a wonderful friend!

So that about sums it up. My birthday was certainly better than Derby Day, but this herniated disk sure is mucking up life in several different ways! I just hope the PT keeps helping me make progress. I guess there's nothing to do for that but do the exercises they give me and wait and see.

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