01 March 2009

Green Week 1 - Where, oh where, to begin?

It's no secret to those who know me that I love the color green. I love to wear green and decorate with green. I love to walk through green forests and sleep under green quilts. And, as the picture above shows, I like to knit with green yarn. Actually, I guess this picture really only shows that I like to purchase and stash green yarn. But most of these were acquired with projects in mind, if only there was enough time in the day for me to knit to my heart's content. And if only my sore elbow would let me. Anyway, I decided I'd start my green love this week with my lovely green yarn.

Thanks to the shining egg for suggesting green week. Please check out all the various participants' offerings. Green, oh green, you give me faith that spring is coming!
Side note: Only 36 more days until I touch ground in Portland, OR...a truly Emerald City where it's always green, even when it's gray!


Julia said...

Lots and lots of projects waiting for you there in that pile. Great colors.
Nice to meet you,I'm Julia---Julesinseach.wordpress.com

Allison said...

ooh, pretty. It's always good to have inspiring yarn in your stash! That way it's all ready to go when the mood strikes. Thanks for stopping by my blog with the sweet comment. :) happy green week!