25 February 2009

Forty-One and Definitely Counting!

No, not years. Not for another 5+ years! But forty-one days until I touch down in my beloved Portland, OR and get to spend an entire week with Kat, Josh, Melo, Chrissie, Keving, their girls Leina and Kulia, etc., etc.!!!! Can you tell I'm out of this world excited? I haven't been in Portland since August 2005. Wayyyy too long ago for my soul. And, of course, I've already told Kat about all the wonderful things I want to do while I'm visiting. Too many things, actually. But she knows me, and knows that once I'm there I will be thrilled, no matter what we do.


Chrissie said...

You aren't the only one counting Southern Spice!

KnittyChicka said...

I'm not sure i can last another 41 days -- but this is the only thing keeping me sane at work. Chrissie - we must plan!!!!!