05 March 2009

Green Week 4 - Green with a bit of "Red"

I hate having my picture taken. This is why I have no picture of me uploaded that I can use as my "thumbnail" when I comment on flickr or otherwise. But green week has led to me sneaking into a shot. This great mirror (greener than it appears here) was given to me several years ago by my friend Judy. Right now it's hiding behind the door to my office. And back in that little corner I don't often think to look into it, or even see it. Maybe when I move to my condo I'll find a nicer place to put it and hang another mirror back there that I don't love as much as I do this one. Oh, and the red hair is the inspiration for the red part of kyredbutterfly. Happy green week!


Chrissie said...

Every time I see something that's a beautiful shade of green, I immediately think on you. Green & Erica go hand in hand in my mind!

Mary-Laure said...

I didn't know it was green week - my favorite color!