19 August 2007

I'm Hooked!

It's all Kat's fault, really. Me, who has never in my life been a crafty person...there I was today, taking a craft class. And I loved it. I can see myself becoming obsessed.

Kat has always been Mrs. Crafty woman, and recently she's been into knitting big time. Predictably, when she came to visit in July, she wanted to visit our one dedicated knit shop in Louisville, The Knit Nook. And that's where the bug bit me. As I walked around with Kat, looking at the various examples hanging around the shop and feeling the different yarns, it occurred to me that this was a craft I might actually like. And so I started looking around and seeing where I might take knitting lessons, if I could learn on my own over the internet or through a book, and in general yearning for a time when I actually got my hands on some yarn!

This was a new thing for me. I always liked art class, no matter the project, but I never liked doing crafts. Maybe that's because the only one I knew well was cross stitching, and I never really liked the finished products enough to get into it seriously.

Today I finally got my hands on some yarn. And to do it, I returned to the scene of the crime...to The Knit Nook, where Kristin spent 2 hours teaching me and 3 other women of all ages and types how to do the simple acts of casting on and the first basic stitch. Maybe next week I'll learn purling...Kristin offered to teach me today, but I didn't want to get confused when I picked up my knitting later in the week. My muscle memory isn't developed yet, so I knew I wouldn't be able to remember which is which!

Scarves and hats and felted purses, here I come!


KnittyChicka said...

this is SO awesome!!! yeah erica!

Nancy said...

It's about time! When do you want to get together to knit?