06 June 2008

Life List for the New Year

Today is the big day where I turned 35. It feels a bit momentous, though I don't really think it is. But because of that feeling, I started working on a list of things I wanted to do during my 35th year on this little planet of ours. The following isn't everything on the list (I do have a few secrets to keep) but it's representative of my whole list:

  1. Learn to sew, using the brand new - to me - sewing machine Chrissie sent to me. Just awesome. I am sew excited! *groan*

  2. Learn to play chess.

  3. Use the Cuisinart my mom gave to me, on "loan."

  4. Plan meals and take advantage of the farmers' markets in the area.

  5. Prepare for yard sale this fall and pack along the way for move next year.

  6. Get back to walking regularly.

  7. Stop using the TV as "background noise" - get up and move, listen to music, or just enjoy the silence.

  8. Ride the van to work daily so you can save on gas.

  9. Clean out paperwork and files; take stuff to shredder at bank.

  10. Walk the labyrinth regularly and become more attentive to my prayer life.

  11. Blog and Flickr more frequently.

  12. Take more pictures.

  13. Read at least three classic novels a year.

There are several other things on the lists, like projects around the house and more detailed ideas about some of the above, but this is a start. One that makes me feel good about myself. I have already put a few of these ideas into practise: I've read The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas, have been good about getting to the van pool on time, been to the farmers' market, and am carrying my camera with me everywhere I go.

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