20 May 2008

Yo, Oregon!

Hope you voters and friends in Oregon are enjoying your primary day as much as we are here in Kentucky. Of course, in your vote-by-mail state, you've probably sent in your ballots already. We have way too much "vote hauling" (read that to mean, in most cases, "vote buying") to actually enjoy the luxury of sending in our ballots. I voted on the way into work, so I'm taken care of, too.

For those of you here in KY or in OR, get out there and vote if you haven't already. It's your civic right and duty, and personally, if you don't take advantage of this opportunity, I really don't want to hear your opinions on the state of the state or nation. You had your chance.

But I must say, it's kinda nice to be the center of the news media universe for something other than our lack of education, poor health, or post-storm trailer park interviews!


KnittyChicka said...

Yeah well, I have to say I think your state got it right although I'll be voting for the D's regardless of whose left standing at the end of this endless primary season!!

Chrissie said...

Watch your mail next week for a very large, sewing machine shaped box. I'm sending her your way!

erica said...

Chrissie -

Woo hoo!!! I did a little happy dance when I saw your post. Man, am I excited? I bought a sewing book this weekend and am planning to go over to my mom's house and grab her sewing books and dive through her stash (and my grandmother's stash, which she inherited). Thanks, lady!