29 April 2008

Knitterly Goodness & Belated Thanks

DSC00157, originally uploaded by kyredbutterfly.

I'm going to take full advantage of all my work last night and finally thank my dear friend Chrissie for packing up and sending me all of this delicious yarn and magazines and books. (The books are a little hard to identify, as Phoenix the Cat felt the need to pose on top of them. It must have been the smell of Artie the Dog, because no matter what I did, Phoenix wouldn't move!)

I know it's been way too long, but thanks, Chrissie! I've got a few goodies planned for all this fun yarn.

1 comment:

Chrissie said...

Yeah! I'm glad you can put them to good use. When you're done, you must bring your finished knitted project back to Portland. I demand in-person inspection! Yes! (Please?)

Love the photo. And that is one classy looking kitty. Even Artie agrees.