07 February 2008

Hey Phil? Where Did the Winter Go?

So I heard the news bright and early on Groundhog Day that Punxatawney Phil had predicted six more weeks of winter, and I sighed. I've rarely seen daylight recently because it's dark when I get to work and usually dark when I leave work, so the idea of six more weeks of this sort of bummed me out. Especially since Saturday was a lovely, warm, sunny day in Louisville and I kept thinking "I want more of this!" But alas, I think I made a mistake with that thought.

We enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather through Tuesday night, when the jet stream moved and here came the thunderstorms and tornadoes. This is the second Tuesday in a row where most everyone in the state spent the night watching the local weather news or listening to the radio from the "comfort" of their basement or hall closet. Not a fun way to pass the time.

Last week we lost electricity for 10 hours, but since a house one block from me had a huge tree cave in on it, I felt fortunate that all I had to do was rescue my garbage can lid and clean up some trees limbs strewn across the front yard. This week we never lost power, and the tornadoes weren't in my part of the county, so my night wasn't as bad as others. Strangely enough, the internet connection that got messed up by last week's storm has resolved itself after this week's storm. But even though we got off easier this week, more peopl died across Kentucky and in several other states from the storms.

The storm did bring the temperature down from highs in the 70s to a more seasonal low 40s and high 30s. Of course, tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 50s, followed by a high of 28 degrees, and then bouncing back to the 40s. So I'm admitting my folly and asking for forgiveness from Phil and Old Man Winter, and begging that winter comes back for the next six weeks. I'll take that over deadly tornadoes in early February!

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KnittyChicka said...

hey lady - glad you survived the storms. I'll give you a call tomorrow to catch up! 70s?? it was finally sunny here today and it caused a cleaning frenzy! miss you