24 September 2007

Dog Days of Autumn

Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox (and my mom's birthday, by the way)...and it is 97 degrees in Louisville today. Somebody forgot to mention the change of seasons to Mother Nature. It's hard enough in the early days of fall to find clothes appropriate for the season, but even more so when all you want to wear are shorts and a tank top and you don't want to move too much because you'll start sweating and never stop.

Mom and I celebrated her birthday by driving to Paris (Kentucky, unfortunately) and having a lovely dinner at Migdalia's in the heart of the small downtown district. We walked around just a little bit and enjoyed some of the very old buildings, but it was just too hot to do much sight-seeing, so instead we went to the bar and had a leisurely drink and interesting conversation with the bartender before sitting down for a great meal. Paris is a neat little town smack dab in the middle of horse country. It's very quaint to drive along and see all of the yearlings frolicking in the pasture, and then see mares with babies behind the black wooden fences.

We listened to the University of Kentucky football game on the way home from dinner. The Bluegrass state has slipped into some kind of alternate universe when the University of Louisville slips to 2-2 after losing to Syracuse (Syracuse?? In football???), and UK goes 4-0 in a comeback win over Arkansas. Mom and I made it back to her house in time to see the final few plays of that game. UofL drops out of the top 25, and UK is ranked 14th. It's a strange, strange, strange, strange world.

But then, it's also supposed to be fall, and it surely isn't that, either!

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